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*Zero Brand Jacketed Pistol Bullets*
   9MM (.355 DIAMETER)
   38 SUPER (.356 DIAMETER)
   45 ACP (.451 DIAMETER)
   40 S & W CALIBER (.400 DIAMETER)
   44 Magnum (.431 diameter)
*Zero Brand Swaged Lead Bullets*
Miscellaneous Supplies
Reloading Supplies
*Zero Bullets in 500 quantities*
Brass Information

45 Acp Previously Fired Brass (500 rds)
  Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 45PF-A
Price: $55.20
Sorry, we are currently sold out of '45 Acp Previously Fired Brass (500 rds)'. Please check back later.
**Free Shipping** For 500 rounds 45 Acp Previously fired brass. Brass in good condition - can send a picture of current stock upon request. Not deprimed or cleaned.

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